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Kalma Baby – It’s Personal!

As director of Kalma Fitness and just having reached the eighth month of being a new mum myself, my experience of motherhood and all the physical and mental changes that my body has experienced over the past 17 months has dramatically deepened my sense of what is needed for my pre and post-natal clients.


I attended a wonderful class during my pregnancy that encompassed so much more than just the exercise my body needed, this was the first spark of inspiration behind Kalma Baby. A desire to give something back or at least share the magic I found during my pregnancy and after my baby girl was born.


Kalma baby is inspired by my own pregnancy and beautiful baby girl Sophia Isis who was born in November 2007. If I can pass on some of the beautiful moments I experienced in my pregnancy through Kalma baby, I will be a very satisfied coach.

Kalma baby aspires to encompass more than just a physical workout for mummy and baby, we aim to support and guide you with your emotional journey too. This holistic approach is important for the beautiful transition into motherhood.


Sometimes when everything gets a bit too much you will find your class becomes a blissful haven away from outside pressures. Kalma baby gives you the time to get in touch with your baby, space to enjoy your pregnancy and afterwards your baby moon.


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