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Natasha Louise Nother

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Natasha is the founder of Kalma Fitness. Natasha studied for a three-year diploma in The Performing Arts at The London Studio Centre, where Pilates formed part of her training. She launched a successful career as a professional dancer, which spanned eight years, before suffering a hamstring injury. This led to a new focus and career within the Health and Fitness Industry.

Natasha currently heads the fitness department and co-ordinates the two studios at SpringHealth Leisure, (formerly known as The Lingfield), leading her to work with celebrity clientele, helping them to attain their own health and fitness goals. Natasha also runs her own successful personal training company incorporating her pilates training within various clubs across North London.

Correcting postural alignment, weight loss and pre and post-natal programming are the areas in which Natasha excels.

Mission Statement

Kalma Fitness is a new vision born from my experiences throughout my career. Its aim is to bring a fresh and unique element to your world of health and fitness.

Stay Active, Stay Healthy, Stay Alive.

The Company

David A. Johnson


David has trained in many forms of movement, working out in the gym, taking dance classes at the groundbreaking Pineapple Studios and studying Capoiera in Brazil. He has also worked semi-professionally as a performer for 15 years.

As a mature student he studied History of Art and Anthropology at Oxford, Brookes University with the plan to train as a Physiotherapist upon graduation. With a history of shoulder problems and the onset of unspecific leg problems that Physiotherapy was unable to relieve he found himself in the Pilates studio of Lynne Robinson's Body Control Group. So impressed with the ideas and philosophy of Pilates, David has since studied with Michael King at the Pilates Institute and with the recently established BASI courses at the Royal Academy of Dance.

Mission Statement

Through the mat repertoire Pilates can help anyone restore balance to the body effected by poor posture due to modern lifestyles and habitual movements. Through attention to these details clients find new freedom and confidence in their body and life.

Paul Underwood


Paul has studied and taught T'ai Chi and Qi Gong for over 11 years. He is a fully qualified and registered acupuncturist with a BSc (Hons) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Westminster. He is also qualified in Tuina massage therapy having studied as an intern at Chengdu University of TCM in China. This learning enables Paul to teach T'ai Chi not only as a method of great relaxation but also as a tool to improve posture, strength, balance and overall fitness of mind and body. His knowledge of TCM, anatomy and physiology is invaluable as an aid to safe tuition and provides useful information and health advice not normally available to students of T'ai Chi.

Mission Statement

To guide, empower and support people to take control of their health and fitness.

Use it or lose it.

The Company

Wendy Blackmore

Wendy originally trained as a yoga instructor at a leading Yoga Therapy Centre in Bangalore, India. Directly from this experience, and in response to the growing numbers of people taking up yoga to help with a specific health problem, Wendy trained for a further two years as a Yoga Therapist. She spent a year working with top Harley Street orthopaedic experts specialising in the spine, hips and knees and podiatry (feet).

Wendy remains faithful to the authentic ancient Indian yoga tradition - a complete holistic health practice for the body and mind, encompassing asana, pranayama and meditation. She has developed a wide interest in the many different “styles” of hatha yoga and can therefore tailor her teaching to suit the individual.

Mission Statement

Regular yoga practise develops profound awareness and brings stability and centeredness to your life. It encourages personal responsibility for health, both on a physical and on an emotional level.

The answers are always inside you - yoga helps you find them.

The Company


Philip Cundall

Philip has been practicing yoga for 10 years and completed his teacher training with Narayani Rabanovitch in 2001, and a further course at the Sivananda Vendanta yoga centre in Orleans, France in 2003.

He has been teaching full-time for four years and has developed an approachable, relaxed and flowing teaching technique and a strong personal style based on the Sivananda system, but also incorporating the work and inspiration of other teachers.

Philip's teaching focuses on increasing flexibility, building stamina, strength and improving posture, as well as deep relaxation and developing a balanced, meditative practice. He believes in empowering students to develop their own practice; to explore yoga through their own personal experience, to be curious and to approach their practice with a sense of adventure.

He says "I am always a student and in turn hope to bring a sense of working together with my own students. The yoga postures remind me of the feeling of fun and discovery we had as kids when fear didn't prevent us from turning upside down or bending backwards (or at least having a go). I work towards bringing this sense of safe exploration and awareness to my classes".

Mission Statement

Every thing you need to know about yourself is contained within every single yoga posture.

Keep moving!



Sarah Cullen


Having regularly participated in sports since childhood, including spells as a competitive 400-metre runner and aerobics teacher, Sarah attended her first yoga class in 1999 and quickly became hooked. Through her practice she was awakened to the incredible balancing benefits of yoga – both physical and spiritual – which changed her life and set her on a path to deepen her practice and share her experiences and knowledge by becoming a yoga teacher.

Sarah has studied Astanga Vinyasa yoga extensively with internationally-renowned teachers John Scott and Michael Gannon. She is registered with Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher and is also a qualified children’s yoga teacher. She teaches Astanga full time in London at yoga centres, health clubs and privately.

The Astanga Vinyasa system fuses breath and a sequence of postures (asana) in a powerful practice which develops strength, flexibility and awareness as well as detoxifying the system. Practiced regularly, Astanga can also calm the mind and make the practitioner better able to cope with the stress and pressures of daily life.

Mission Statement

Trust that everything you need is already within you and do not be afraid to go looking for it.

The Company

Ray - Kalma Kids Leader


My Inspiration

Working with children brings great reward, observing their mental and physical skills as they improve and flourish.

On a personal level I enjoyed sports myself as child excelling in Tae Kwon Do and enjoying success in various school sports. It is of course the taking part that counts and I now enjoy creating sporting activities and programmes for children at all levels, I can have as much fun organising games as they do playing them!


  • Voluntary work at Fairfield Play centre
  • Instructing children’s sports activities Sports & Rec course
  • Voluntary work at Castle Haven Youth Club
  • Voluntary summer sports schemes with Camden Council


  • Sports & Recreation Level 1 & 2 NVQ
  • CSLA Award

Kalma Fitness, 81 Belsize Park Gardens, London NW3 4UE
E-mail Kalma Fitness | Mobile: 07855 760434

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