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Kick Boxing and Boxing


Martial Arts inspired classes in the outdoors. Peter is the coach and he doesn’t beat about the bush! It’s tough and he will get you in shape. The class consists of mixed boxing and kickboxing drills including pad work, followed by a boot camp circuit, guaranteed to raise the temperature on a cold day.


See more about Peter James - www.squarearenafitness.com


Class Cost

£10.00 - per person, per class
£30.00 - per person, per month

Private session

£50.00 - 1 session per person, per week
£45.00 - 2 sessions per person, per week
£40.00 - 3 sessions per person, per week

Kalma Fitness, 81 Belsize Park Gardens, London NW3 4UE
E-mail Kalma Fitness | Mobile: 07855 760434

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