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Mind & Body Programme

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Your Personal Prescription For Well

Attending a Kalma Fitness Holistic retreat ensures you will continue benefiting many weeks after you arrive home. You will have your own personal programme to keep you on the road to well-being, including

1. A personal postural correction programme
2. A sequence for self- practise for yoga
3. Knowledge to practise meditation on your own
4. Optimal sleep cycle pattern

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Classes and Tuition – You will receive expert tuition both on an individual and group level. Classes are held outside in the courtyard, enjoying the fresh air and health benefits of being outside. You will be designated classes to attend according to your level, with further classes being optional. The Kalma Fitness team are highly qualified and professional trainers who have been carefully selected for their skills, personality and attitude.

1. Pilates Postural Correction Programme

If you want to get rid of those aches and pains postural correction is your first point of call, you will receive a postural and muscle tension analysis, this will define your personal programme. You will learn the exercises correctly and safely with the Kalma Fitness team enabling you to continue with your programme once you arrive home.

2. Yoga practice

Practising regularly each day you will strengthen and lengthen the muscles, re-energizing the body through movement and breath. You will learn sun salutation and be able to practise this when you arrive home, continuing the benefits you will have gained from your retreat. If you are an experienced yogi you will attend the stronger classes to improve and gain further knowledge of your practise from our highly experienced and professional team.

3. Meditation

When you have completed the Kalma Fitness Holistic Retreat you will have learnt how to still the mind, and clear the way for positive thought processes, self-meditation is an essential tool that will help you through the stresses and strains of everyday life.

4. Optimal Sleep Patterns

Understanding optimal sleep patterns will give you the knowledge to enhance your well-being, there will be one lecture on this and we shall practise this knowledge aiming to rise at 6.30am and retire at 10.30pm. The benefits will amaze you. We will give you the start to a new rhythm for the future.

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