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Holistic Retreats

May 2006

"Very good instruction, I loved the meditation and ll the bendy bits in the yoga! I managed things I never thought I could, great fun! The physio really helped my old bones and I'd love to take her hme with me!"


"The classes were the best ever and the physio sessions were excellent - Many Thanks!"


"Very informative and great style of teaching and the environment was just fine."


June 2005

"The instruction and advice given was excellent, I really feel the retreat has been the beginning of a new healthier lifestyle for me."

"I can't see how the Hotel could have been better, and the food and instruction was terrific...
I only wish it could have been longer."

"Top marks for the organisation and execution. I loved the location and cant wait to go back. The choice of restaurants was excellent and what can I say about the food?"

"Still reliving those fabulous moments."

Natasha Nother

London, May 2005

“When I contacted Natasha Nother in March 2003, I had just undergone major abdominal [cancer] surgery that had left me with a 16 inch scar across my tummy and most muscle groups vastly impaired. My overall constitution was weakened and my morale on the ground.

Following an extensive and careful assessment, Natasha started to implement a cautious rehabilitation program, which protected the integrity of the fresh scar but began to strengthen surrounding muscle groups. In doing so, Natasha drew from her vast experience in advanced fitness instruction, Pilates and the performing arts. While focussing on rebuilding my core strength, she gradually but systematically developed and improved my overall muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

I can honestly say that our weekly program has never been boring, and Natasha seems to have access to an endless pool of ideas and variations that keep the exercise interesting while gently and constantly raising the bar. She is a great person to be with and our sessions have always been good for my spirits. Natasha can strongly motivate even as she intuitively knows when to stop pushing further.

Her constantly growing knowledge about and interest in all aspects of human health is both impressive and infectious at the same time.

After two years, I am extremely happy with the achieved results. With Natasha's help, I not only managed to overcome the debilitating effects of my surgery, but I have become a much fitter and healthier person than I can ever remember to have been.”

Robert, [student] [retiree] [investment banker], London NW3

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