Level 1




Set neutral spine. You can do this by placing your hand palm down behind the small of your back, opposite your belly button. This is the position you must keep your spine in.

Keep your pelvis still by engaging your deep abdominals. And begin to lift one leg.

Lift to 90 degrees, (do not lose your neutral spine position). Now lower to floor. Aalternate legs.

Level 2




Begin with both legs at 90 degrees.

Strictly maintaining neutral spine alignment. Begin to lower one leg to the floor.

Only lower the foot to the floor if you can maintain neutral alignment. Return the leg to 90 degrees and alternate legs.


Side Twist with Medicine Ball

MedBallTwist1a MedBallTwist1b MedballTwist1c Medballtwist1d

Lean back a little, with knees bent. Hold the medicine ball with arms out straight moving the ball side to side, ensure the belly button is pulled in towards the spine and your shoulders are relaxed.

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Tummy Exercises

If it is tummy exercises you are looking for, look no further! Did you know that Pilates exercises include a wealth of tummy exercises, as well as its proclaimed back conditioning exercises?

Creating a strong core, tummy and back, will improve your posture, cure minor niggling back problems, (though they may not feel minor to you). The result of practising Pilates regularly will leave you with a finely toned stomach and a strong pain free back.

Before you begin exercise

  • If you are in any doubt of your fitness, firstly check with your doctor or physician that you are ok to exercise.
  • Move gradually through the exercises, always begin with level 1, when the level holds no challenge you can progress to the next level. You should never experience any pain in your back, if you do cease the exercise immediately.

Tummy exercises the Pilates way


PlankL1a PlankL1b PlankL2 PlankL3

L1 - Tummy Lift
Lie on your tummy, forehead to the floor resting on your hands. Draw your navel to your spine. Make sure your buttocks stay relaxed.

L2 - Half
Move from L1 to L2 making sure your hips, shoulders and head align horizontally. Ensure the navel is drawn in.

L3 - Full
Move from L2 to L3 by curling the toes under and lifting off the knees. You should align horizontally from the heals to the head.


L4 is for advanced exercisers only. From the plank lift one foot off, and hold for 2 breaths working up to 5. Do not let the back sag.

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